Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Stuff

First things first, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy New Year.

Second, anyone awaiting shipment, there is a huge order going out by the end of the week.  Many apologies for the length of time I have been holding onto these orders, however the Holiday season is a very busy and action packed one as you all may know.  I will include discount coupons with those of you that have been waiting a while. 

Third, as for our birthday contest, I have a winner, but I have yet to post this.  Look for an additional post soon to find out if you were the lucky winner.  I will also send an email out to the winners so you know who you are.

Last, I am interested in getting feedback for one of my newest items.  The idea came for this shelf when I realized that I did not want to put away all of the paints and utility bottles that I was using for a specific project, so I made this shelf to hold all of my project related materials.  They will come in several lengths depending on your need and should hold anywhere from 20-60 bottles of all types.  Please take a look at the pictures and let me know your thoughts on the product.  I will be launching this as soon as I fill all of my current orders. Take a look at the pics below.


  1. Do you have a price point for this yet? I'd be interested in this and a paint shelf.

  2. I have not yet worked out a price. Look for these to go on sale next month after I fill all prior orders. In the mean time, the store page is offline so I can build up a stock again.

  3. Welcome back and happy new year. I really like the smaller shelf idea. I know I would be interested in one and if the price is low enough I might actually be able to afford it too. ^^;

  4. I am certainly trying to make the shelves more affordable. Acrylic and the tools to cut them are not cheap though!

  5. This is an excellent idea. I put my project related colors and washes to the right of my painting table, but your system will keep things a lot neater. Excellent idea. It can also be used for people with limited paints and painting area.

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