Saturday, February 11, 2012

Model Paint Shelves: Testimonials!

"If you own or know someone who has a Paint Tier 80 there are many flaws;  Large footprint, not sturdy when fully loaded, dropper bottles fall over with ease causing the domino effect etc.  And the Stadium Style is nice but the footprint takes up unnecessary space.  After seeing the pictured acrylic shelves from my friend James at Table Top Gaming Bunker  I realized he had something great.   Thanks James for the time and creativity you put into this simple yet previously unavailable product on the market for us painters.  My desk is turning into my 'dream' paint station."

This is from Les from  He was the first to review my product.  Here is a shot of his desk.

"I love my paint racks!!  It's hard to imagine that a rack large enough to hold 255 bottles of paint plus a top shelf for more bottles, could be almost unnoticeable on my desk, which helps a lot since my painting desk is  small.   It's easy to get paints in and out of and having paint drops on the top of the bottles  makes it easy to find the right paint fast.  Since it is clear acrylic, it allows light to pass through it and doesn't give off a glare or distract from any of the activity going on on the desk.  I've had quite a few  different paint racks and, by far,  this is the best one I have ever owned." 

This customer is Ann.  She has purchased 4 of the Vallejo 250 shelves and two of the Hobby Paint Shelves.
Here is a picture she sent along.

"Also I would share for those that might be looking for something to hold your paint, i got my paint shelves into from Table Top Gaming Bunker. They took about 3 weeks for him to make them but I think they were worth the wait."

This customer has purchased two of the Hobby Shelves and one Valejo 250.

If you have purchased one of my products and would like to review it, please submit a comment with a picture of your setup and I'll gladly post it.  Thanks!