Monday, August 8, 2011

TerraiNation Shrine of The Aquila Final Pics

Greetings Bloglings,
     TTG Bunker is back at it, finishing up the terrain for our FLGS.  I got to play test this beauty before I dropped it off at the Cottman Ave store in Philadelphia, PA, and let me tell you, the rules that we created for it were a ton of fun.  I'm quite satisfied with the way that it turned out, and I made the deadline, so not too shabby!  If you'd like to play on this terrain and you live in the Philadelphia area, just stop by the Games Workshop store and enjoy yourself.  Tell em TTG Bunker sent ya!

     Since the wrap up of this BIG project, I am left with another vacancy.  If anyone should be interested in a terrain commission, please send me an email at:
     Your support is much appreciated as always!  Until next time, CHEERS!