Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shelves available soon!

All, I have been revamping my process and getting a stock built for the past month or so.  Supplies will be on hand and the store will be changed to only allow the purchase of items in stock.  There will be a choice for backorders, but it is no longer going to take 3-4 weeks to get your hands on a shelf unless you choose to backorder a shelf.  I obviously want to sell as many as possible, but these have been going in huge waves, so just when I catch up, somebody reviews them and then I am swamped again.  I am hoping that by having a fair amount of stock on hand, I can provide to all in need.
Also, shipping overseas is not an option for the next two months, as these shelves are causing customs letters and duties that were previously unexpected.  I am desperately seeking a UK based vendor for distribution abroad.  Should there be any interest, please Email me.
Many thanks for all the inquiries, and I am hoping that this post will clear up any questions.  Feel free to Email with any further inquiries.
TTG Bunker