Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Project Model Paint Shelves Available Immediately

Well folks, I just boxed up the last shelf for shipment today and will be sending them all out to their new homes.  Thanks very much for the response with these shelves!  I am happy to be officially releasing the new shelves on the store page and am looking forward to serving those that have already requested the new unit.  Its very fulfilling to know that your interest in my blog has allowed me to create a product that fills a need for the community. 
That said, I'd like to ask for more ideas about what type of shelves YOU would like to see and hopefully I can begin to fill that need as well. 
Here is a sneak peek of the newest product I have been developing for the past year.  You may be seeing this very soon!  These handy little guys are for the airbrush users out there.  I will be making them to support anywhere from 2-6 airbrushes, each with a regulator and gauge.  This manifold will take one standard input from an air compressor and provide regulated air power for each brush.  This effectively means no more brush swapping!  Let me know what you all think about these!  Oh by the way, the final models will be in acrylic and not high polish stainless steel, unless there is a desire for that.

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