Friday, September 10, 2010

Tweaking Forge World Resin

     If you have been in the hobby for a while, chances are you have come across something built by Forge World.  If you have made any purchases yourself, you may have been very surprised to receive a freezer bag full of delicious resin whose contents are severely warped and twisted.  I am here to tell you to have no fear.  There is always a way out of it.  Follow along as I show you how to right a couple of warped Hydra cannons.
1) Notice the barrels of the guns are curved very badly.  Now, your first instinct may be to bend the gun but please follow along for now.  Do not ever try to bend your expensive resin without first heating it, it will snap.
 2) Grab an old pot from the kitchen and fill it with enough water to properly submerge the part you are trying to fix.  A quick depth check before putting this on the stove will ensure that you are able to reach the affected area.
3) Heat the water to a boil and CAREFULLY dip the affected parts into the water for about 15 seconds.
4) Quickly and again CAREFULLY bend the resin to your desired shape while the heat remains, and VIOLA!  Your resin will now shoot straight and true.  For the Emperor!

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