Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to create a chain link fence. II

Ok, so we're back with Part II of the fence building guide. 
     Items Required:
           1) Wire pliers
           2) Thin gauge wire
           3) Gray paint/primer for fence posts
           4) A heat source to bend the posts (optional) ***Use caution melting plastic!
The process:  Use a lighter or other heat source to bent the posts where desired.  Place the posts in the terrain piece you are working with and then prime them.  Take the thin gauge wire and wrap the fabric around the post at the desired location.  Bring the two ends of the wire together and twist them tight with the pliers.  Cut off the excess and repeat.  That's it!  Simple, quick and dirty fences to spruce up your wargaming terrain.
Pics below.  Enjoy!


  1. Created by artist Soo Sunny Park and composer Spencer Toppel, it manages to take something mundane, and even ugly — chain link fencing — and turn it into something fence