Monday, September 13, 2010

How to create a chain link fence. I

Ok, So part one of an easy tutorial on how to make a chain link fence for your tabletop board game.
     Items Required:
            1)  A bolt of mesh fabric
            2)  A handfull of hollow plastic sucker sticks
            3)  A bottle of "Stiffy" Fabric Stiffener
            4)  Primer and two shades of gray paint and boltgun metal.
And now, the process.  Cut a length of fabric that is suitable for the scope of your project.  Next, cut the height according to the scale of your model.  For this you may wish to Google pics of people standing next to chain link fences to get an idea of the scale.  Next, brush "Stiffy" on the fabric fairly thick, and later remove all excess with a paper towel by blotting or dabbing and be careful not to wrinkle the fabric.  After the "Stiffy" has dried, prime the material.  Follow the primer up with a dark shade of gray basecoat.  Then drybrush a second, lighter shade of gray atop the first coat.  Finally, lightly drybrush boltgun metal on top of the grays.
Further details to follow.  Stay tuned.

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