Sunday, February 27, 2011

TerraiNation V

Welcome back to another installment of TerraiNation!  This weekend was spent working some on the club gaming table terrain, and who better to share the progress with than you guys!  These shots are still in the building phase, but they will soon be getting paint in March, so stay tuned for more updates on the biggest terrain project currently on the World Wide Web!
This part of the board will house a Cathedral, several blown up buildings a couple of strategically placed bunkers and some VERY unique weapons from our friends at Quantum Gothic.  The cathedral will be heavily defensed with the two parapets seen in the pics.

 I wanted to showcase some of the tools that I use for all my terrain projects.  Above, you will see all of the various tools that I use for the building process:  Bar clamps, side cutters, sanding belts, Plastruct plastic welder and Testors glue.  For the more major/custom work such as the first TerraiNation, I used a Dremel and miniature lathe and mill.  I also occasionally use a laser cutter for completely custom jobs!

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