Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Simulate Battle Damage

So, we're back with a quick and dirty battle damage tutorial for your viewing pleasure!  The bastion kits come pre-molded with some bullet holes out of the box, so no drilling was done in this step.  There are million tutorials out there on how to create battle damage and this is not intended to be one.  The focus here is to show you how to very quickly paint the battle damage in a metallic color with minimal effort.  Remember that all the steps in painting should not have to take forever and use the tiny 000 paintbrushes and magnifying glasses.  Battle damage is random and does not require a lot of time or energy, so without further adieu:

Step 1:  Find an oil based paint pen in metallic silver.  For this demonstration, I'll be using the popular Sanford® uni-Paint Marker, Medium Point, Metallic Silver.  Find it <-- there.

Step 2:  Make your bullet holes or blast damage, or use the pre-damaged bits like I did.

Step 3:  Grab the pen and gently push the tip into the bullet hole, allowing paint to flow ever so slightly.  Be very careful in this step, as the paint tends to flow quite fast if you aren't careful.

Step 4:  Hit the freshly painted battle scars with a sepia or black wash, and, VIOLA.


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