Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abaddon The Despoiler

     Greetings all, tonight I managed to finish some of the blending on the cape and get the armor blackened to my liking.  I also drilled a couple of holes and installed some magnets for some good ole' fashion arm swapping.      
     This idea was inspired be Frugal Dave's Blog titled "A Year of Frugal Gaming" which covers the topic of hobbying on a budget.  I had the terminator lord model already laying about and the sprue contains a dozen or so weapon arms that I thought I'd magnetize to get the versatility out of the kit.  Also, following in Dave's footsteps, since the model was laying around, it means that I didn't have to spend ANY money on it, so building and painting it would be FREE FUN!
     Seems a simple concept, but from experience, ADHD in army building is almost inevitable.  Thanks Dave for getting me back on track!
Now for some pics


  1. Thanks Dave, you know, I have this major problem with working on what I have at my disposal, and I am always looking to buy new, so your blog really just helped me realize that I'm not the only one and I decided just to go with what I have already.